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Element studio Architects is an architectural and construction firm based in the heart of Athens.  Our office was founded in 2005, and we provide architectural and construction services to Greeks, expatriates and foreigners who wish to develop a project in Greece.


We provide custom services with tailor made solutions keeping always in mind that every project is unique.


 Element Studio offers the following services:

·         Design of residential spaces (homes, villas, condos, etc)

·         Design of commercial spaces (restaurants, offices, shops, hotels)

·         Issuance of plot permits all over Greece

·         Construction of  all kinds of buildings

·         Renovation / Remodeling

·         Restoration

In 2005 Marios Michael founded Element Studio Architects, after studying Architecture in Greece and Industrial Design in Italy; Marios  Michael came back to Greece and set the grounds to develop custom made projects.


Element Studio Architects coordinates with a team of professionals that work closely to offer all services that are related to designing, building and creating all kinds of spaces in Greece. Architects, Civil engineers,  landscape architects, as well as lawyers and realtors team up to create an exquisite result.


The projects cover all varieties of requirements: houses, condos, villas, shops, hotels, renovation of traditional houses, and much more. 

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